Bourne High School Science Fair

Science FairOn March 1, Bourne students grades 5-12 held a science and engineering expo at Bourne High. BTV caught up with some of the students at the fair and showcased a few of the many great projects. Our glimpse at the fair will air on BTV14 later this month so be sure to check back in with us!

The winners of the 2017 Bourne High School Science Fair and Exposition are:

Middle School – Winners
1st – Viveca Stuke- How safe is it to drink water from water bottles stored in a locker?
2nd – Eva Fischer-Grobot (Lawn Robot)
3rd – Laura DeMello and Emily Mann-Does salt water or sugar water create electric voltage?
Honorable Mention – Donald Rice and Mikal Gibbs-Science Behind Water Bottle Flipping

High School – Winners
1st –  Mya Cohen and Mary Schmitt-Don’t Kill Your Plants of Thirst
2nd – Joe Petrillo and Colin Crowley-What Materials Block a WiFi Signal
3rd – Ian Milliken and Jacob Tura-Effects of UVA Radiation on Bacteria
Honorable Mention – Foster Rubinstein and Michael Bonito-Effect of Climate Change of Bourne
Rachel Freedman-Human Hand

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